Government’s focus is on making the project profitable: Minister Mahat

Kathmandu. Finance Minister Dr. Prakasharan Mahat said that the government’s focus is on making the projects profitable.

He said this while addressing the Investment Board program held in Kathmandu on Friday. He said that by focusing on making the projects profitable, there will be an opportunity to involve the private sector and the development sector. He said that it is necessary to discuss the internal rate of return and the return on risk assets invested in the project.

He said that it is necessary to create opportunities that enable the country to carry out national pride and strategic projects. He mentioned that the process of resource allocation should be nationally owned and national institutions should not be weakened. He said that Nepal can comparatively benefit from tourism, hydropower, agribusiness and IT.

He said that the government is ready to ensure favorable environment and attractive rates to expand investment in tourism, hydropower, agribusiness and IT sector. He also said that he is ready to cooperate with the private sector to develop possible financial instruments in the future.

Minister Mahat also mentioned that foreign direct investment in Nepal is only 0.3 percent of the funds flowing into South Asia.

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