NEPSE grew by double digits

Kathmandu. The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index, which fell continuously on the first day of the week, rose by double digits today. The NEPSE index increased by 10.66 points to 1,844.36 points.

In today’s business, 28 lakh 36 thousand 139 shares worth Rs 77 crore 47 lakh 60 thousand six hundred 47 of different 269 companies were traded.

Sub-indicators of all groups have shown greenness. The sub-index of life insurance group increased by 75.01 points and the sub-index of hotel and tourism group increased by 65.84 points. Banking group increased by 3.58 points, development bank group by 28.39 points, finance group by 7.76 points, hydropower group by 24.58 points and investment group by 0.49 points.

Similarly, production and processing increased by 58.59 points, microfinance by 10.98 points, mutual funds by 0.02 points, non-life insurance by 20.60 points, trade by 2.35 points and other groups by 3.37 points.

The share price of People Power Limited increased the most today by 6.47 percent, while the share price of Unique Nepal Lagubitta Financial Sanstha Limited decreased the most by 8.68 points.

Based on the transaction amount and the number of shares, the highest number of 365,501 shares of Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company Limited worth Rs.

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