In the absence of patronage, the library established by the students by deducting food expenses

Kathmandu. Library is considered as the base of quality education. Library use leads to development of reading culture, education, collection of information and knowledge sources, development of public awareness. Library users are also large in Nepal. But the condition of the books in some libraries is in bad condition due to the lack of protection.

The student book in the three-dhara hostel is the Niketan Library. The library, which was established in 2004 by the students living in the hostel by cutting their food expenses, has collapsed due to lack of patronage. Although the Metropolitan Municipality of Kathmandu has done some work such as changing the zinc of the library, but the interior of the library is in a dilapidated state.

The people who read in this library have succeeded in reaching high positions in the country and abroad, from the head of state. The background of Jayatu Sanskritam Andon, who sat in the library and uprooted Ranashasan, was prepared. The library, which was established to provide students with knowledge about politics and social science besides Sanskrit language, has now reached a pitiful state. Looking at this library, one feels that the history of the past has been swallowed up by the present. Trilon Luintel, a former student, says that former students are upset that the responsibility of protecting the library, which is a museum of history, has been neglected.

It seems that the latest generation is not interested in the operation of the library, which is run by the students themselves by forming a working committee. The former students alleged that this situation happened because the school administration was negligent even though the students handed over to the school administration. Former student Hariprasad Parajuli says that those who invested labor, money and thought in the dormitory library yesterday should not forget that purpose.

Recently, it seems that the use of mobile computers and other devices has reduced the number of library users. However, the use of the library itself is a culture and a discipline. On top of that, the library with the hostel has a special importance. It can be believed that if the historical library is repaired, the existing books are preserved and new books are added, it will contribute greatly to the upgrading of the knowledge and awareness of the students studying here.

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