Expert’s suggestion to ban food, government says: ‘We are serious’

Kathmandu. Experts have warned that there will be a food crisis this year.

Experts suggest that the government should implement a special program to facilitate the food cycle as there is no required rain even in winter and there will be less rain in the upcoming monsoon. He has alerted the government that if there is not enough rain in this year’s rainy season in Nepal, there will be problems in the entire food system and environmental problems will arise.

The experts stressed on the fact that there was less rain than required in the last year’s winter and drought during the rainy season, which could lead to starvation, reduction in agricultural production and other problems, and stressed on the need to be prepared.

In a conversation with News Agency Nepal, climate and disaster expert Dr. Dharma Upreti suggested that the government should make the necessary strategy for food security and start preparations in advance, saying that there will not be the necessary rain this time.

Expert Dr. Upreti suggested the government to make preparations in time saying that there will be a shortage of wheat, rice, corn and other crops and there may be a situation where food needs to be imported more than before. He said that when the rainy season comes, there will be less rain due to the fluctuations in the temperature of the sea surface.

He said that various studies have shown that there will be less than average rainfall during this year’s rainy season, which will reduce the amount of cultivated land. He said that since it is estimated that there will be less rain in the South Asia region this time, it will also affect Nepal. Expert Dr. Upreti urged everyone to harvest food grains on time as agricultural productivity will decrease due to climate change.

On the other hand, the government said that the government is aware of the fact that there will be less rainfall in the upcoming monsoon season.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Water and Meteorology Department on Thursday to inform about the situation of the upcoming monsoon season, Dr. Govanda Prasad Sharma pointed out the need for the government to increase investment in seasonal food crops by taking into account the forecasts of meteorologists.

He said that compared to the previous years, the rainfall is expected to be less this year during the monsoon season, and the government is making necessary strategies accordingly. He said that special emphasis should be placed on irrigation during the monsoon season, especially during paddy planting.

Secretary Sharma said that the government should expand the early warning system about the weather in all the municipalities and make the citizens well informed.

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