Cultivation of potato on barren land for two decades in Bajhang

Bajhang. In Bajhang, farmers have started cultivating potatoes on land that has been barren for two decades.

Farmers have been attracted to potato cultivation after the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernization Project Aluzon provided potato seeds in the district. After providing Gherbar along with potato seeds to the farmers, potato cultivation has been started on the land which has been barren for two decades.

Although wheat, barley and sorghum were planted, the farmers turned to potato cultivation as they did not produce enough. After the good growing fields started to fall, the farmers started to grow potatoes after surveying the market. After the potato zone gathered the farmers here and distributed the seeds to produce potatoes in the barren land, they started cultivating potatoes collectively.

After planting potatoes in the barren land, it is now green. Through the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernization Project, more than half of the land here has been cultivated. The farmers here are happy after arranging the marketing of potatoes.

Dipendra Bahadur Singh, sub-engineer of the project implementation unit, said that it is good and fruitful for the farmers because they can earn income by selling potatoes. Rashtik store has also been constructed in Ward No. 1 to store potatoes.

This year, another new rustic store has been constructed and put into operation in Ward No. 1 at a cost of Rs. Aluzon office said that 40 families will benefit from this store.

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