The announcement of the Russian President that if the US conducts a nuclear test, Russia will do the same

Agency. Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that if the United States conducts nuclear tests, Russia will also launch them.

During his annual address to the Russian Parliament, Putin said in clear words – ‘If America conducts nuclear tests, Russia must also be ready. If that happens, the nuclear test that was banned with the end of the Cold War will start again.’

During the speech given on the occasion of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine, Russian President Putin also blamed Western countries for the Ukraine war. He said that the drones being used by Ukraine were made with the help of NATO experts saying that they want to defeat us and seize our nuclear facilities.

During the speech, Putin also claimed that the Russian economy is strong despite the sanctions of Western countries. Asserting that Russia’s economy is much stronger than Western countries expected, he said that GDP decreased by only 2.1 percent in 2022.

Western analysts claimed that Russia’s economy shrank by 20 to 25 percent last year.

Putin also said that he will continue to work with partners to create a stable and safe global payment system independent of the US dollar and other Western currencies.

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