We have adopted a policy to encourage industry and business: Deputy Mayor Dangol

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Kathmandu. Sunita Dangol, Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has said that she has adopted a policy to encourage the industries and businesses operating within the metropolis.

Deputy Mayor Dangol said this while speaking at the 7th Annual Meeting of Grill and Steel Business Association of Kathmandu on Tuesday.

He said that in order to encourage business in the metropolis, it is necessary for businessmen to organize their business. He said that many people who do business in the metropolis are doing it informally and urged them to register their business to come into the formal sphere.

Deputy Mayor Dangol said that it is understood to mean tax rather than business registration, and it will be easier to reduce it by widening the scope of tax. He mentioned that formally registering the business gave the identity of his business. He admitted that the city is in confusion to address the demands of unregistered businessmen.

Dangol also said that looking at the records of business registrations, there are 50 but it was found that there are more than 5,000 that are working. He mentioned that policies and programs fail when many businesses are not registered when the metropolis makes plans to organize businesses.

Similarly, Mohan Katuwal, chairman of the Grill and Steel Traders Federation, said that despite providing essential services, the state and consumers have been neglected. He claimed that the main reason for being neglected by the state and consumers is the short-sighted policy of SAKAR. He said that the grill and steel businessmen themselves could not give proper respect to the steel business.

He said that industrialists at the leadership level need to follow discipline. He mentioned that discipline is the root of development.

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