1.6 lakh revenue collection in 6 months in Dadeldhura

Dadeldhura. District Traffic Police Office Dadeldhura has collected revenue of Rs.16 lakh 77 thousand in 6 months.

District Traffic Office Syaule Dadeldhura said that from July to January of the current financial year, the revenue of Rs. 1.6 lakh 77 thousand has been collected.

Dadeldhura District Traffic Office informed that the revenue was collected by punishing more than 2000 passenger and cargo vehicles that violated the traffic rules during the checking of traffic rules on the highway road in 6 months of the financial year 2079/80.

1,279 jeeps/cars, 1,279 buses, 4,37 trucks, 1,81 tractors, 1,44 auto rickshaws, 6,17 motorcycles, and 1,29 other vehicles were fined out of a total of 2,962 vehicles. Jitman Dhami, Chief of District Traffic Police Office Syaule Dadeldhura and Deputy Inspector of Police informed that the revenue has been collected. Police Deputy Inspector Dhami said that the drivers who violated the traffic rules and disobeyed the situational orders were punished.

The traffic police said that during the daily checking of vehicles in various places of the district, they have collected the highest revenue of 397,500 rupees in the month of August alone. The police has also tightened up the check-ups recently.

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