The businessmen of the Far West are protesting because the bank has increased the interest rate on its own

Kailali. The businessmen of the Far West are protesting because the banks have increased the interest rate on their own accord.

The businessmen have announced a phased protest against the high interest rate of the bank.

They have taken forward the movement program in cooperation with the industrial and commercial associations of the far western region. In a press conference in Dhangadhi under the leadership of Kailali Industry and Commerce Association, the businessmen have announced that they have embarked on a protest.

There is a warning from the businessmen to make the protest programs tougher by doing it peacefully. Pushkar Ojha, the vice president of the union, said that the interest on the loan taken at 8 percent has increased to 17 percent within a year and he had to protest against it.

The businessmen of Dhangadhi are complaining that the businessmen are under stress when the interest which was 6/7% in the past suddenly increased to 17/18%. They said that they were forced to go on strike after the bank started torturing them by calling repeatedly to pay the installments.

From the private sector to the general public are affected by high inflation and high bank interest rates. Ojha said that he started the protest saying that the industrialists have come to the point of locking the industry after the situation of not getting loans to run the industry and not getting dollars to import raw materials.

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