23 points decline in the stock market

Kathmandu. The stock market index NEPSE fell by double digits.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, the market index decreased by 23.60 points on Monday and reached the point of 2 thousand 46.81.

According to NEPSE, when the shares of 258 companies were traded in the secondary market on Monday, the share prices of 177 companies decreased, while the share prices of 32 companies increased and the prices of 7 companies did not change.

Through 38,415 transactions, 6,691,353 shares were bought and sold in the secondary market, and the transaction amount was limited to 1.94 billion 76 million. Out of the 13 sub-groups that came into business, all the sub-groups except mutual funds have become profitable.

On this day, there was a positive circuit in the share price of Rapti Hydro and General Construction in the market. Apart from this, the investors of Dordi Khola, NMB Hybrid Fund and other companies made profit. Investors of Jeevan Vikas Lagufitta, Upakar Lagufitta and Himalayan Distillery lost a lot from the market

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