Dissatisfaction of locals towards construction of trade tower in Dang

Dang. The construction work of multi-purpose commercial building and Tulsi Trade Tower has started in Tulsipur of Dang at a cost of 14.5 million.

A 7-story tower with an elevator is going to be built for commercial purposes. Tulsipur sub-metropolis, which is in debt, is being criticized for starting ambitious work without solving the minor problems of the people.

A resident of Tulsipur of Dang says that instead of solving the problems of the citizens, when ambitious plans are made for the people’s representatives to come into the limelight, now the country is going towards poverty rather than prosperity.

They say that there is no reason to build a trade tower when there is no good road to reach Tulsipur market. They argue that the tower should not be built with an investment of crores when the employees are not getting their salaries due to loans.

Arnico Designers Pvt. Ltd. planned to build a multi-purpose commercial building, Tulsi Trade Tower, at a cost of Rs. 27 crores. Out of the total cost, 70 percent of the amount is a loan from the City Development Fund and 30 percent of the amount is to be invested by Tulsipur sub-metropolis to start the construction work.

Although the construction company signed an agreement in the last month of Chaitra, the construction of the tower, which is going to be built with underground parking, has now started due to the code of conduct of the election in Baisakh. Tulsi Tower is about to be constructed on an area of ​​10 kathas along with the sub-metropolitan office. In the commercial building, various businesses from parking, banking transactions, meeting halls and restaurants will continue to operate.

According to the government’s policy of building one commercial building in one municipality, the construction of the tower was started according to the decision made during the time of the then city chief Ghanshyam Pandey. City chief Tikaram Khadka says that the tower is going to be built with the aim of promoting the market and making the city self-sufficient.

Development is an inevitable subject. But for this, common consent is also necessary, so it is appropriate for the municipalities to advance the development work by giving importance to the priority issues in order to win the hearts of the local people as well.

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