Mother tongue classes closed due to lack of students

Okhaldhunga. Kalika Secondary School in Moli of Manebhanjyang rural municipality ward number 1 of Okhaldhunga has closed the mother tongue class.

Although teaching in the local language was started, the language classes were closed due to lack of students.

The principal of the school, Khilraj Shrestha, said that there was only one student from the Bahing Rai community in class 1 and there were few students in class 2 and 3, so the language class was closed due to lack of curriculum and textbooks.

In Moli, which has a majority of Bahing Rai, language classes have been started since 2075, but the classes have been affected due to lack of students. The school also arranged for one teacher to teach the language class.

The school said that the language class could not be continued because the students studying at the primary level are from the non-Bahing Rai community.

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