In the absence of winter rains, the crops dried up in the fields

Myagdi. The winter crops planted in the Himalayan districts of Myagdi and Mustang have started to dry up in the fields as there is no winter rain even until the first week of February.

The farmers here are worried about the lack of rain since planting the winter crops.

It is estimated that there will be a decrease in production in Myagdi and Mustang this year due to lack of rain. Due to prolonged drought, the production of wheat, barley, banana, lentils and other crops in the district will decrease.

Due to the drought, as the winter crops planted in most of the areas started to dry up, the farmers said that they are worried about raising their families throughout the year. Wheat is being cultivated on 11,430 hectares of land in the district, and only 6,320 hectares of land have irrigation facilities.

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