Mahashivratri festival is celebrated all over the country by worshiping Lord Shiva

Kathmandu. The Mahashivratri festival celebrated on the day of Krishna Trayodashi in February is celebrated all over the country on Saturday by worshiping the adorable god Lord Shiva.

It is customary for Vedic Sanatan Hindus to bathe in rivers, ponds and ponds from early morning and go to Shivalayam to worship with devotion. In addition, the establishment day of the army is also today, so its dignity has increased.

During this year’s Shivratri festival, there was an enthusiastic presence of devotees in the temples. The Pashupaninath temple was crowded with devotees from 3 am on Saturday morning. For that, all 4 doors of Aradhyadev Pashupatinath Temple were opened. On the occasion of Shivratri, the Pashupatinath temple premises are decorated with flowers and twinkling lights.

As always, there was a large presence of monks and saints who came from India and Sri Lanka as well. In the Puranas, the importance of 4 major nights namely Kalaratri, Mohratri, Sukhratri and Shivratri is described. Among these, Shivratri celebrated in February Krishna Trayodashi is considered to be of special importance.

Devotees purify themselves and perform puja in the Shiva temple, keep fast and offer milk, dhaturo and belapatra, which are dear to Lord Shiva. Devotees have said that there is a religious belief that if you fast and stay awake all night on this festival day, you will not have to go to Yamalok because you will gain perfection.

On the day of Shivratri, at Pashupatinath in 4 hours of the night, apart from 4 types of puja, Mahadeep, Akhanddeep, Lakshya Batti and Dipotsav are offered as well as lakhs of Belpatra. Devotees say that on this day, due to the popular belief that Lord Shiva will get cold, they ask for firewood in every house, square and math temple, light a tune and make prasad in the same fire along with bhajankirtan.

On the other hand, 5,000 security personnel and more than 4,000 volunteers have been mobilized to facilitate the darshan of the devotees, according to the Pashupati Area Development Fund. But this year, the management of people visiting Pashupati has become uncomfortable.

Babaji was found to be consuming marijuana openly in Pashupati, despite the prohibition of narcotics such as marijuana, hemp and dhaturo.

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