In Nawalparasi, due to the government’s slowness, the trees are rotting

Nawalparasi In the management of wood in various forest areas of Nawalparasi, the government has been slow.

Due to slow management, the wood has started to rot. During the expansion of various projects in the district, the problem has arisen because the trees that have come out cannot be managed for a long time. Currently, there is about 35 million worth of wood in the community forests and forest offices of the district.

It is seen that if the management is not done in time, the wood will rot and the government will also lose crores of money. The problem arose when the forest office delayed the process for the sale and distribution of timber from the project. Mahendraraj Wagle, Chief of Nawalparasi, Divisional Forest Office in Bardghat sub-division, said that some of the wood coming out of the project is community forest.

About 45,000 cubic feet of wood has not been managed in the district. There are about 30,000 cubic feet of wood in the Kaligand corridor and about 6,000 cubic feet of wood that came out during the Butwal-Narayangadh road expansion project. Similarly, the forest office said that there are about 7.6 thousand cubic feet of wood coming out of the Bardghat-Sardi power project.

Likewise, 300 cubic feet of wood, which was caught illegally at different times, is also in the forest office. Divisional Head Wagle informed that the wood collected from the project is of Sal, Asana, Jamun and other species. Chief Wagle said that Bardghat sub division office has been sent to collect timber for wood management. He said, ‘We have asked the sub-division to collect the amount. In a few days, the process will move forward.’

He said that after the process from the district, they will call the staff from the region and take the process forward. According to the Division Forest Office, the wood from the community forest area will be sold by the community forest and the forest office will auction the wood from the national forest. According to the data of the office, there are 40 community forests in the district.

According to the Forest Office, all the wood processing and management will be completed in 15 to 20 days.

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