Businessmen’s protest against the bank charging high interest

Kathmandu. The Nepal National Federation of Businessmen has demonstrated against the banks.

Various 9 federations and 38 associations of industrialists have organized a joint street protest against the banks.

Saroj Sitaula, senior vice-president of the National Federation of Nepal Transport Businessmen, said that industrialists are raising their voices to help businessmen. He asked that all businessmen should become Prem Acharya to meet the demands of industrialists in the country.

Kumar Karki, the central president of the federation, said that Nepalis should be able to eat in Nepal. He said that even when the interest taken by the traders at 8 percent is increased to 15 percent, the fact that they have to remain silent should end. He said that bankers and financial institutions are becoming feudal.

He said that the government should not remain silent like this. They allege that the government has not addressed any of the businessmen’s demands when Nepal’s industries have not been functioning due to the recent covid epidemic.

The program also warned of the end of syndicates in industry and trade, and the access of all industrialists to protest against the excesses of banks.

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