Gurusinge-Sandhikhark road dangerous, suffering for passengers

Argha Khanchi. The main Gorusinge-Sandhikhark road of Arghakhanchi is narrow and wide, so passengers have to travel dangerously.

Due to the lack of interest of the concerned authorities in the upgradation of the road that was built 39 years ago, the passengers have suffered. Even the plans made every year have not been implemented effectively. People are being shown only hope.

The main Gorusinge-Sandhikhark road of Arghakhanchi was built 39 years ago. Passengers are forced to travel in agony and fear as they have to travel through narrow roads. Even when the local residents raised their voices at various times saying that there is a risk of accidents due to the lack of wide roads, the concerned authorities are not interested. Due to the lack of sufficient resources and tools, no one has paid attention to the upgrading of this road, which was dug using local tools.

Due to the narrow roads and roundabouts, not only the passengers have to suffer but many accidents have also happened. Locals complain that Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, who is a member of the House of Representatives elected from Arghakhanchi and has been a minister for several times, has repeatedly informed about this road, but has not yet received a hearing. Singer Pashupati Sharma said that they have been to many districts to perform programs, but they have not traveled such a risky road.

Due to the narrow roads, there are also accidents from time to time. According to Himal Bhusal, a local, there is a discussion about the upgrading of the road only after the road accident. Rayamazhi, a member of the House of Representatives, says that the work of upgrading the 68 km long road is going on in various stages and within the next 3 years, they are busy with the plan to build narrow and wide roads.

The main road of the district residents is a narrow winding, black-paved road covered with mud and dusty. Even the planned funds made every year have not been effectively implemented. People are being shown only hope. Therefore, the leadership must pay attention to fulfill the promises made to the people during the election.

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