The property victims of Chamelia transmission line area have not yet received compensation

Dadeldhura. Local residents whose houses and land are located in the area of ​​transmission line of Chamelia hydroelectric project did not get compensation.

After not getting compensation, they stopped pulling the wire. Residents of Amargadhi Municipality-7 of Dadeldhura in Bhatagoon and Kaini Toll of Pokhara have obstructed the pulling of the transmission line tower wire.

In Dadeldhura, the victims have complained that the land was not properly assessed even after demolishing the house during the construction of the tower by the Chamelia hydropower project. Dadeldhura’s Amargadhi Municipality-7 Pokhara resident Prakash Bhattarai’s house was demolished after the construction of an electricity tower. But even after 6 years, Bhattarai complains that there is no proper assessment of his land and compensation.

Khadak Bahadur Bohra, former president of the ward, said that the compensation was not properly evaluated and there was discrimination, but the locals did not receive the compensation even though they tried in 2074.

After the hydropower project completed in January 2074 with a capacity of 30 megawatts, electricity was transferred by pulling a wire on one side, after it was handed over through the then Prime Minister of the Government of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli.

District Administration Office Dadeldhura said that the amount sent by the project as compensation has been returned after some locals did not understand. But the suffering of the local people has increased as they are in confusion as to what will be the compensation of the missing landowners.

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