Former Chief Justice Karki’s allegation that the government is doing business in education

Kathmandu. Former Chief Justice Sushila Karki has accused the government of doing business in education.

Speaking at the anniversary program of Dillibazar Kanya Multipurpose Campus on Friday morning, he made this allegation. He said that the government is doing business in everything including education and health. He said that due to the trade in education and health, most of the Nepalis, whose economic status is weak, have not been able to send their children to study.

He objected that the work is being done in such a way that it is not known who will get the scholarships and concessions given by the government. He said that there is a situation in the society where dead bodies brought to Aryaghat are traded and donations are collected for cremation.

He said, – What happened now, education business, health business, there is business in everything. I see some parents crying, they want to teach, they want to become doctors. He wants to become a doctor and an engineer. Parents also want to teach, children also want to read. But there is no status. Land has been sold, loans have been taken, real estate, these things are nothing. Home and land are nothing before education. If you have taught your children well, it is a wealth to read well. A home where children earn and eat is bright and beautiful. It is not known who will get the scholarship, who will get the concession given by the government. Education has become a business. It was not like that before. Earlier even the children of the poor could read whenever they wanted. Even children of the poor could become doctors. Now nothing happens without money. It has become expensive to burn in Aryaghat. It has been said who gave donation and cremation, who gave donation and Las Jalla. Society has reached this state.’

Former Chief Justice Karki said that there can be no social upliftment until there is business in education. He said that the government has not been able to ensure gas, housing and cotton as well as education, health and employment to the citizens. He said that the political parties are sitting opposite each other.

He also mentioned that all businessmen have to stay in the government.

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