Swaviyu election schedule published, voting on 5th March

Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University (TRI) has announced the schedule of Independent Students’ Union (SVA) elections.

Pashupati Adhikari, director of the Directorate of Student Welfare and Sports of the Tertiary University, announced the schedule of the SWVU election in a press conference held on Thursday.

According to the schedule, the proportional and direct nomination registration is scheduled for February 27th. The Executive Council of the University has decided to hold the Swaviyu elections, which have not been held regularly for the past 14 years, on the 22nd of January, the next on the 5th of Chait. He said that according to the same schedule, voting is scheduled on March 5 from 8 am to 4 pm.

According to the schedule, registration of student union organization is scheduled on February 19th, voter list is published on February 21st, claims and objections on voter list are scheduled on February 25th. Similarly, distribution of nomination papers of candidates on February 26, registration of proportional and direct nominations has been scheduled on February 27 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Similarly, according to the schedule, the time for filing claims and objections on the list of candidates is from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on February 28th, and the time for publication of the final list of candidates is on February 28th at 5:00 pm. After the publication of the schedule of the SWIU elections, the admission of first-year undergraduate students under the annual system of the campus has been stopped.

The directorate officer of the directorate has fixed the time for the campaigning of the Swaviyu election from February 29th to Chait 2nd at 12:00 pm. The age limit of 28 years and mixed election system is going to be held in the university. Students born on or after 18 Chait 2051 are eligible to be candidates in the election.

For the elections, the Tri-Village has already passed the guidelines on Swaviyu elections on the 22nd of January. The president, secretary and treasurer and 50 percent of the members of SWWIU will be elected through the direct election system and the vice president and assistant secretary and 50 percent of the members will be elected through the proportional election system.

It has been mentioned that the Swaviyu Working Committee will be an 11-member working committee for two hundred students, a 13-member working committee for two hundred and one to one thousand students, a 19-member working committee for one thousand one to three thousand students and a 21-member working committee for three thousand one to five thousand students.

Elections are being held in 62 affiliated and 1,040 affiliated campuses of tertiary institutions across the country. Swaviyu elections in Trivima were held in direct system from 2018 and 2019.

Until 2030, Swaviyu elections were held every year, but from 2036, elections were held every two years. Swaviyu elections were held in Trivim since 2073 in a mixed election system. In 2073, elections were held in nine campuses in the valley and 17 campuses outside the valley.

Swaviyu elections, which are held every two years, have not been held in the university for the past decade. Elections held every two years have not been regular since 2065. Swaviyu elections were held on 15th Chait 2073 for the first time in eight years after 6th Chait 2065.

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