Prabhat Mavi celebrated its 53rd founding anniversary

Lalitpur. Prabhat Secondary School in Tyagal, Lalitpur has celebrated its 53rd annual celebration and Parents’ Day.

Prabhat, which is one of the best middle schools in the district, also organized Mathematics and Science Exhibition 2079 on the occasion of its anniversary. A stall of various creative materials of the students was kept in the exhibition. In the exhibition, the students tried to put the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom into practice. Those creative materials were made by the students using local materials with their own investment.

Prem Bahadur Maharjan, member of the House of Representatives of Lalitpur Region No.-2, Ramkrishna Chitrakar, member of the Bagmati Province Assembly and others, who were present as chief guests in the special program organized on the occasion of the anniversary, expressed their views on the education sector of Nepal.

Similarly, the principal of the school, Devi Prasad Dulal, said that the school is working round the clock for quality education. He emphasized that since the students are the leaders of tomorrow and their role in building the country is important, teachers, parents and others should work together for quality and practical education.

In the program, various teachers, staff and others who have served for a long time in the school and those who are retiring were also honored.

The program was completed under the chairmanship of Vinod Maharjan, Chairman of the School Management Committee and Chairman of Ward No. 17 of Lalitpur Metropolitan City. Bikram School was established in the year 2026.

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