Locals of Chainpur of Sankhuwasabha joined the campaign to build a school themselves

Sankhuvasabha. While the trend of asking donors to build a school is increasing, the locals of Chainpur Lamichour Vyagute Dhunga of Sankhuwasabha are engaged in a campaign to build a school themselves.

Villagers have united to build a child development basic school where children from underprivileged communities study.

This is a child development basic school. The chairperson of the management committee of this school is also a lady Lakshmi Maya Adhikari. As a result, women seem to be lagging behind in building this school and donating labor. Local residents of Sankhuwasabha are engaged in a campaign to build their own school.

Elsewhere, while the trend of using donors to build schools is prevailing, the local residents of Chainpur Lamichour Vygute Dhunga have engaged in labor donation, discouraging the trend of using donors. Surendra Tamang, the headmaster of the school, says that due to the remoteness of the school, the physical improvement of the school has not reached anyone’s attention.

The villagers have to trouble the steep ground of the school and even take out the stones to build it. The villagers, who dream of educating their children in the village school, seem to be busy in the morning with their clubs, spades and brooms.

Due to the poor economic situation, the school cannot provide financial support including donations. Instead, they save the school by collecting donations through various cultural programs. There are more women than men participating in the school grounds. Laxmimaya Adhikari, the chairperson of the school management committee, says that they are determined to make a model school by donating all their efforts to the school.

Sweat yourself in your own place, the children will reap the results. Therefore, the official says that no one spared any effort to donate. Besides, the villagers are not only excited to donate, but they are also very conscious about education.

Seeing the hustle and bustle of the villagers to build the school, the neighboring schools have also started helping with donations for the construction of the school. Due to the fact that children from very poor communities are studying, this school has also started receiving support from abroad. The attraction of the children of this Dalit slum towards the school is increasing with the provision of children’s cleaning, hair cutting, nail trimming and the provision of locally produced midday meals.

Not only the improvement in the physical and administrative areas of the school, but also in quality teaching and learning, the school is becoming excellent. Their dream of building a school with the help of the villagers and creating a future for their children can really become an example for other schools as well.

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