Educationists and constitutionalists say: Interests clashed in the Nepal University Bill

Kathmandu. Educationists have commented that the government has introduced a bill related to Nepal University as a conflict of interest.

They said that even after one term of the federal government system, the government could not bring federal education without bringing the University Umbrella Act and it would be wrong to carry only one. According to the needs of the country, bringing the Federal Education Act and the University Umbrella Act to organize the universities is the need of the moment to organize and improve the quality of the overall education system.

They argue that it would be wrong to open the way for opening a new university by keeping the Education Act and the University Umbrella Act in place. Educationist Dr. Vidyanath Koirala while talking to the media said that according to the federal structure, how many universities should be opened at central, regional, single subject, multi-disciplinary, non-governmental, institutional, partnership and international level and in which location.

He emphasized that since there is a need for improvement in the overall education system, the curriculum should be improved, the modality of educational institutions should be decided and for that, the Federal Education Act and the University Umbrella Act should be brought. He argued that it is not right for political party leaders to carry universities one by one.

Another educationist Dr. Rajkumar Dhungana commented that it is wrong to move the agenda of another new university without restructuring and managing the universities according to the federal structure. He argued that most of the students are currently studying in Tribhuvan University, students are not attracted to new universities and the number of students in some universities is very low.

Educationist Dhungana said that politics dominates the current structure in the name of confirming the need and justification of the university. He commented that it is impossible to say that we will keep it free from political interference. Similarly, constitutionalist Khimlal Devkota also claimed that the government introduced the Nepal University Bill to interfere with the rights of the provinces.

By not bringing the university bill, giving the formation order from the Council of Ministers, accepting the infrastructure committee as the main body in the bill and not stating that the formation order will be repealed after the law is made in the bill, the primary principle of law-making is also ignored, and there is a clear conflict of interest. did Constitutionalist Devkota claimed that while the government was bringing the bill, it did not follow the direction of law making.

The bill regarding Nepal University submitted by the government to the National Assembly is currently under discussion in the legislative committee. The committee members also objected to the preamble mentioned in the bill. They argue that the government cannot present a bill that is run by non-governmental organizations.

Similarly, the parliamentarians have demanded that the bill should be withdrawn saying that it is wrong to bring a university bill without prioritizing the Federal Education Act and the University Umbrella Act.

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