Students of Syangja showcased their skills by organizing a food festival

Syangja. Students of a school in Syangja organized a food festival.

Changing the thinking that the work of the students is only to study, they organized a food festival and fed the parents with the food they made themselves. The school has also taught the students how to make endangered local dishes and how to market them.

The students of Nepal Rashtra Secondary School located in Galang-7 of Syangja from classes 6 to 12 have demonstrated their abilities by holding a food festival in the school premises as part of practical education. Kala Pathak, a class 12 student, says that she is very happy to learn how to make traditional foods that are disappearing.

An exhibition was held with 9 stalls of 16 types of food prepared by the students themselves. At the festival, stalls of various dishes such as millet cell roti, corn cell, forest yam, mumm, carrot pudding, kheer, sisno soup and pakoda were kept. The school organized the festival according to the local curriculum. Rajesh Sharma, principal of Nepal Rastra Secondary School, said that this will help the students to develop the skills of making and marketing local dishes in the future.

The festival was attended by students, teachers, parents, mothers’ groups and youth clubs. The money collected from the sale of food at the festival will be invested for the benefit of the students. Galyang Municipality Mayor Guruprasad Bhattarai said that he and Galyang Municipality are always committed to carry forward the program that reflects the local production, knowledge, skills and art culture along with the educational reform program.

Nepal Rashtra Secondary School has taught how to make endangered local dishes as well as how to market them. Which besides giving practical education to the students has also taught them to be independent.

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