26 offices of Humla without head

Humla. It has been found that most of the government offices in Humla are headless. During the winter in Humla, the head of office at the local level, union and state offices is staying outside the district.

In-service and other trainings and seminars, high-level exams and household work, the office heads left the district for special reasons.

Assistant Chief District Officer Amrit Kumar Subedi said that there are 38 offices in the district apart from local level offices. However, he informed that now there are 12 office heads and the remaining 26 office heads have moved out of the district.

The offices that are not being operated by the head of the office are the health service office, public prosecutor’s office, project implementation unit, apple zone, fund and accounting control office, drinking water, district election, surveyor, division forest, state accounting unit, social development office.

Immigration, Yari Border Customs, Industry and Consumer Protection Office, National Commercial Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, Food Management and Trade Company Limited Simkot Branch, Hilsa Simkot Road Project, Nepal Telecom, Civil Aviation Authority, Post Office, Distt. Administration, Humla District Court, Armed Police Force No. 44 Gulm, Ayurveda Health Center.

Some office heads have been staying outside the district for a month and a half, some have gone to participate in training seminars, but they have not returned yet. Chief District Officer Srinath Paudel and District Judge Dil Prasad Sharma remained outside the district due to grief, while Deputy Superintendent of Armed Police Shankarman Dhami came to Surkhet on Thursday for training.

He said that because most of the district’s development offices are heads, there is also a hindrance in the construction of development and he has given instructions to enter the district as soon as possible.

There is a provision that government office employees should take permission from the district administration office when going outside the district for office work or on leave. However, there is an old tradition of not sitting in the office during winter.

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