2 crore corruption case against the customs officer


The Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission has filed a corruption case against the then customs officer Dan Bahadur KC of Rasuwa Customs Office.

The authority has filed a corruption case in the special court after finding 20 million 10 lakh 10 thousand 482 rupees 51 paisa of his undisclosed income.

Authority spokesperson Shyam Prasad Bhandari informed that since entering the government service on 1st July 2043 till 30th June 2078, KC’s legitimate income was 3 crore 51 lakh 16 thousand 20 22 paisa while his expenditure was 5 crore 61 lakh 26 thousand 502 73 paisa.

The authority claims that he has committed corruption as it has been confirmed that he has acquired inappropriate and unnatural wealth while in office and has been living an inappropriate and unnatural high standard of living without any reasonable reason.

The authority said that KC bought real estate with his income and kept it in the bank in the name of himself and his wife Sushila Pandit.

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